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August 2018. pp. 283-293

This study was performed to analysis of chemical constituent in Polygonum multiflorum root (PMR) by different dry methods (hot-air dry, shade dry, and freeze dry). The results are summarized as followings; major free sugar were detected fructose, glucose, and sucrose in dried PMR based on various dry methods. The highest content of free sugars was found in freeze dried PMR. The four organic acids were detected in dried PMR by HPLC analysis. The content of oxalic acid in shade dried PMR was higher than the dried PMR by different dry methods. The content of total amino acid and essential amino acids were high in the orders of freeze drying > shade drying > hot-air drying. The potassium and magnesium levels of freeze dried PMR was significantly higher than the other drying method of PMR. Whereas the calcium and sodium levels were higher in hot-air dried PMR. The major fatty acids were determined the linoleic acid in PMR by different dry methods.

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